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How does Turntable protect my data and privacy?

See Security and Privacy on this topic or contact

Is Turntable open-source? If so, where can I find the source code?

Turntable is not currently open-source, but we are actively considering making it so. If you’d like to see us open-source our product, be sure to request that feature above.

What’s Turntable’s pricing?

We are currently in a closed beta. Our full product is free for now, and we plan to always have free tier. We hope you’ll pay us in feedback 🙂.

Do you plan to expand to other platforms beyond web?
How can I share this with my friends and colleagues?

The easiest thing to do is to send them our website link. They will be able to download the VSCode extension directly from there, or reach out to us to find time to set up the Cloud product.